Rebuilding Together Bayou is committed to not only fixing and repairing homes damaged by hurricanes, but also assisting homeowners who would otherwise not have secure and healthy housing. Below our some of areas of specilization. All programs can be applied for with our one-stop homeowners application.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, Rebuilding Together Bayou is committed to helping homeowner replace and/or fix their roofs. All new roofs are built to a 30 year standard. To see if you are eligble please fill out an application! 

Disaster Recovery

In the aftermath of a storm, we know that homes may need mucking and gutting, appliances, windows, paint, HVAC assistance, to name just a few. Please let us know how your home was affected by any declared disaster and we will assist you to the best of our abilities. 

Mold Remediation 

We love the the Bayou for the warmth and hospitality of its residence. One guest we don't love is mold. If you are dealing with a mold issue we would love to try and help. Healthy homes are mold free homes.  


A home that you cannot navigate in due to age or injury is not really a home at all. If you are having issues in your house due to stairs, steep ramps, or wheelchair hostile design please let us know!